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Connect with your Dog.

Noble Woof Dog Training strengthens the human-animal bond, bridging the gap between the verbal oriented human and the non verbal canine. With a thorough understand of learning theory and behavior sciences Noble Woof helps to establish clear lines of communication so you and your friend can start having meaningful conversations. Through positive and reward based training systems, we can create dogs who are excited to offer behaviors we deem culturally appropriate in our homes and in our society. The root of our methodology says that a dog who is a joyful learner is a dog who can be counted on.


Humane. Effective. Lasting.

Noble Woof Dog Training has a goal to not just guide your dog, but to guide you into the best leader you can be for your dog. We teach you to think like a trainer, starting with understanding what we call the Four Legs of Training. Understanding how these four legs of training impact your training goals will help you make better informed training decisions. We are here to help you…


LEG 1- Body Language: What does my dog’s body language tell me about this moment?


LEG 2- Management: Can I prevent my dog from practicing this behavior?


LEG 3- Exercise/Enrichment: Have I provided my dog with the proper exercise and mental enrichment?


LEG 4- Leadership Training: What is the most fair, intelligent, and fun way to guide my dog in the right direction?





Raising a puppy well involves so much more than teaching basic obediences skills. You will need a thorough understanding of puppy developmental stages, how to safely socialize your puppy, desensitization to novel experiences, preventing problem behaviors, and developing a trusting and reliable foundation. Let us help you shape your puppy into a confident, and well- rounded adult dog who has enthusiasm for learning.



It’s time to get back on track, or even forge a path together for the first time. You love your dog for who they are, however some manners have admittedly slid under the table while your focus has shifted from raising your now adult dog, towards maintaining your busy life. Or perhaps you have a new rescue dog that needs some clarity and guidance in their new home. Either way, we understand and are here to help you smooth over some rough patches regarding cue responsiveness, basic manners, and peace in the home.


Rehabilitating a fearful, anxious, or reactivity dog requires a deeper understanding of canine behavior than your average dog training. Teaching standard obedience skills like sits, downs, and stays will not be enough to help your anxious, frustrated, or fearful dog recover. Many dogs are this way due to some kind of trauma (emotional, physiological, or neurological) that they experienced at some point in their life. This program coaches you on understanding the root cause of their behavior, and how to help. We are here to give you the foundations needed to help rehabilitate them into the best version of themselves that they can be given their history.


Noble Woof specializes in education on the following issues:

  • Adult Basic Manners

  • Leash Reactivity

  • Tricks/ Enrichment/ Games

  • Dog to Human Resource Guarding

  • Pre-puppy planning

  • Puppy Socialization/ developmental stages

  • Puppy Training

  • Home-Alone Anxiety

  • Understanding your fearful dog


Lifestyle Training.

Having a dog is a lifestyle choice and having a trained/well- behaved dog is as well. With Noble Woof dog training that lifestyle choice doesn’t have to consume your entire schedule and does not require you to have a PhD in canine behavior or training theory. Noble Woof will help you understand why your dog is acting the way he/she is and will also help you find time within your already busy schedule to train your dog without reinventing the wheel. We will break down behavior into an easy to digest, easy to apply, training formula that the whole family can follow.



A Dog’s Way.

With heavily instinct driven brains, dogs aren’t born to please as much as they are born opportunists. As such they need our clear guidance and calm leadership to understand what is expected of them in this very human world. Just about everything a dog does is “inappropriate” from a human’s view. Sniffing each other’s butts, wrestling, yelling at each other from across the street, tearing up our belongings, and eating poop are all very natural doggy ways that unfortunately don’t often match up to our human expectations. In order to know how to lead our four legged friends, we must first crack the mystery behind why our dog behaves the way she does. This means decoding the ins and outs of typical breed characteristics, canine body language and the dog’s individual personality/needs as well. Understanding what makes our dog tick, gives us the key to what motivates them.

When we work with our dog’s natural instincts rather than against them, the battle stops, real training begins, and “human’s best friend” is born.


The Trainer.

Brie Blakeman, CPDT-KA, is a certified professional dog trainer and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. She grew up with an affinity for animals. As a child, she trained her family’s standard poodles, rats and parrots. She also spent a few years training Western trail horses to perform Dressage.

After graduating from her Bachelor’s in Arts, and before becoming a certified trainer, Brie thrived in a successful career as both a painter and performing artist. For over a decade she performed as a circus acrobat and hula hoop artist captivating audiences as near as Portland, OR and as far as New Delhi, India. During her tours she educated diverse crowds of up to 300 people on the art of dance, hula hooping, and aerial arts. It was during this time that she honed her skill to break down complex techniques into easily accessible skills for people of all ages and backgrounds.

After adopting Yuka, her Siberian Husky with some behavior issues, Brie’s passion for instruction took a new turn and she decided to focus on dog training. She immersed herself in the study of animal behavior sciences, and pursued her professional dog training certificate acquiring over 300 hours of hands on experience in under one year. Brie’s background as a public speaker, artist, and educator has given her a unique ability to recognize subtle shifts that need to be made in a dog-human relationship, equated with the communication skills needed to break down otherwise abstruse concepts and methodologies, into practical everyday use.

Alongside running her own business, Brie teaches a variety of group classes at The Oregon Humane Society, helping clients understand and address behaviors like hyperactivity and reactivity. When she’s not teaching, Brie and Yuka enjoy the sport of Mushing, Rally Obedience as well as performing trick sequences for the occasional TV commercial.